About Roller Derby

In short: Game play consists of a series of 2 minute runs (jams) in which both teams designate a jammer (who uniquely wears a star on the helmet) and four blockers to skate counterclockwise around a track. The jammer scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams attempt to hinder the opposing jammer while assisting their own jammer.

Resources for rules and gameplay explanations:




About our league: Rotterdam Roller Derby (RRD)

MST (minimal skills test): First, you’ll learn basic skills, including how to fall, stop, and perform crossovers. Then you’ll be able to pass the MST.

Derby skills: After the MST you learn more advanced concepts, such as blocking, hitting, and forming a pack. After passing the evaluation, you can join team practice.

During team training we practise drills and strategies, learn about the rules and have scrimmages (practise games). At this point you’ll need to choose a derby name and number.

For scrimmages you need a black and a white shirt with your number on it.

When you’ve acquired enough skills and knowledge of the game you can get your uniform and participate in a bout (official game).



Ask your trainer to add you to the Whatsapp/FaceBook/Slack groups. This is where we interact for upcoming games, other events and other random fun stuff. 

WhoFor questions/comments related to:@gmail.com
SecretaryMembership administrationsecretary.rrd
TreasurerContribution payments, Finances, Officials, Eventsrrd.treasurer
Sunshine committeeFun and motivational events, individual appreciation/supportrrd.skaterrelations
MediatorsResolving Interpersonal or intraleague issues, personal issuesrrd.mediator
Education committeeDirect contact for all Education related questions/issues/ideasrrd.education
Events committeeDirect contact for all Events related questions/issues/ideas. Scrimmages, bouts, open trainings, bootcamps.rrd.events
InterleagueRecruitment of opponentsrrd.interleague
Relations committeeDirect contact for all Relations related questions/issues/ideas. Headshots, Social Media, Merchandise, Marketingrrd.relations
JuviesContact Juvie trainers, notify when you can’t make it to trainingrrd.juvietraining
OfficialsGameplay and rules related questions, contact when you’d like to officiate.rrd.rofficials

About Gear

We have helmets, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads available to borrow until you get your own. 

Derby skates have no heel. Riedell R3 Derby is the default starter skate. You can get more advanced skates, it depends on what you’re willing to spend on it.

This is the obligatory (protective) gear you need to be able to join training:

Wheels: ~59mm x 38mm, 93A/95A since we skate on a soft/sticky floor you will need hard wheels

Kneepads: big ones, for derby/park skating. Some have removable caps.

Elbow pads: any with a hard cap will do 

Helmet: Some use bauer hockey helmets, some have skate helmets with visor. Look for the ones with removable liners.

Wristguards: ones that include splint(s)

Toe stops: long stem, how to set it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2TBa0i4kTI

Mouthguard: Sisu is the preferred brand

Where to get your gear:

  • Marktplaats
  • Facebook group “Secondhand rolschaatsen en gear NL”
  • The Derby Shop (Amsterdam), https://www.thederbyshop.com/ excellent advise on skates
  • Onlineskateshop.nl (aka Roller Wave) (Scheveningen)
  • Sucker Punch Skate Shop (Gent, Belgium)
  • Other gear: RSI (Rotterdam), Sickboards (Den Haag)

Other resources for gear:


Optional gear:

If you’d like to officiate, you will need a “Fox40 Classic” whistle.

If you’d like more protective gear, you can consider crashpants (Triple8, Steaks), shin guards, knee gaskets.

Washing your gear

Make sure you buy gear that is safe to put in the washer (pads, helmet liners). You can also get stink suckers (moisture absorbers)  to put in your skates after training. Wash your gear regularly.